Child Welfare

Psychological Care through Puppetry

There will be as many as four million Syrian refugees in the Middle East by the end of 2014, along with another 6.5 million internally displaced persons in Syria because of the violence occurring there. This is one of the largest refugee crises in recent times and representatives of The

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The Faine House – Building Bridges to Adult Sufficiency

Each year more than 1,300 teens in foster care turn 18, ending their support by the state. Without assistance one quarter of them will end up homeless in the first year. Without a support system, two-thirds of the young adults will not finish high school and almost none of them

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Shepherd’s Hope

In Orlando, not far from some of the most affluent and up and coming areas, is a cluster of duplexes.  They’re not fancy, nor are they immediately recognizable for the amazing treasure they truely are. These homes are transitional living spaces provided by Shepherd’s Hope for women with children who

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Building Brighter Futures in Dallas

The Father’s Table recently provided a grant to Catholic Charities of Dallas for the renovations of their Santa Clara Regional Community Center, and their “Together We Learn” Program.

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Child Education in Haiti

On a recent trip to Haiti, The Father’s Table was shown what the education system is like there. More than 90% of the schools in Haiti are privately run, either by international groups, local churches, or even communities.

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Massai Literacy Project

The Great Rift Valley is a geologic depression extending south from Syria, through Kenya, to Mozambique in southeastern Africa.

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