The Faine House – Building Bridges to Adult Sufficiency

Child Welfare

Each year more than 1,300 teens in foster care turn 18, ending their support by the state. Without assistance one quarter of them will end up homeless in the first year.

Without a support system, two-thirds of the young adults will not finish high school and almost none of them go on to achieve a college degree. Half will be unemployed and more than one in six will end up with children of their own in four years.

In 2009, Children’s Home Society of Florida and Jeff Faine came together to build a safe and nurturing environment for these at risk teens to live that would give them a chance to build a successful and productive life.

The Faine House is centered on 5 essential steps for helping to alter the life path of those at risk:

• Education
• Housing & Transportation
• Employment
• Health & Wellness
• Personal Finance

Residents of the Faine House are tutored in and given assistance in these areas, enabling them to be better equipped for a life on their own. In a positive environment, with plenty of emotional and social support, each resident creates a ‘Life Plan’ and support to master the life skills that they will need to enter the wider community as a confident adult.

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