Shepherd’s Hope

Adult Readiness

In Orlando, not far from some of the most affluent and up and coming areas, is a cluster of duplexes.  They’re not fancy, nor are they immediately recognizable for the amazing treasure they truely are.

These homes are transitional living spaces provided by Shepherd’s Hope for women with children who need to get back on their feet.

The transitional residences are shared between two women and their children while the women undergo a restorative process including parenting classes, educational and vocational training, and even job readiness and placement. All of this, while Catholic Charities of Central Florida makes sure that they have a roof over their heads, access to healthcare, and food.

Residents are required to take classes in financial awareness, parenting, and create and manage a budget.

At the end of the program, most residents are able to successfully transition to an apartment of their own, or in some cases a house through Habitat for Humanity. Many finish their GED, and some even receive a degree from a local college, all while getting back on their feet and building a sustainable future for their families.