Million Meal Challenge – Orlando

Humanitarian Aid

On November 18th, 2012 over 3,000 people from the Orlando area came together to show just how much they care. These people came from different faith groups, churches, cheerleading squads, soccer teams, schools, service groups, and families. Old and young they worked, often smiling and laughing and determined to pack as many meals as possible for the people of Burkina Faso. Many organizations donated food, time and money, and many volunteers brought food, clothing and donations to help the hungry and homeless in Central Florida.

Burkina Faso is a small country in West Africa. It is in an arid region known as Sahel – an area with a long history of drought and famine. In April, the Daily Mail discussed a food crisis and famine in the region that is threatening 23 million people. Burkina Faso is the poorest country in the world and the worst affected from the 11 countries that make up the Sahel region, but the people believe in hard work and live with quiet dignity, as the country’s name suggests. Burkina Faso literally means “land of people of integrity”.


During the day, volunteers portioned out rice, soy protein, freeze dried vegetables, and a vitamin and mineral supplement into individual meal packages. The packages were sealed, and packaged for shipment and should feed roughly 12,000 Burkinabe for the year.