Kids House Seminole- Child Protection

You often hear how adults in this day and age go through so much trauma in their lives. In particular, these adults go through different kinds of relationships that become abusive. Whether it is physical abuse or mental abuse, many people suffer from it day in and day out. Although many adults are being abused or have been abused, they are not the only ones. At the same time, children all over the world are being abused both physically and mentally.  Crimes that are directed toward children can happen between the hours of 9-5. Although this may be true, additional crimes against kids can happen outside of these hours. That is where the Kids House Seminole steps in to help out.

Kids House Seminole understands fully that kids get abused just as much as adults.  In response they have created a system to where they can rehabilitate those who have been abused. Most of their kids are from the Seminole County area. During the previous fiscal year ¾ of the kids were from ages 0-12, and the other 25% were age from 13-18. Of this population, 52% were African American, 15% Hispanic, 32% Caucasian and the last remaining was a mix of other races.  In addition, 57% of the children were female and the remaining were male.

In the case there is a situation, the staff members are on-call always available to work with the authorities.  Afterwards, Kids House Seminole collects all the necessary evidence in case they need it for legal reasons.  Coupled with collecting evidence, the Kids House Seminole conducts interviews and performing exams in way that’ll help minimize the trauma. All of the workers at the Kids House Seminole are the friendly face that help ease the pain of the children during this crucial time in their life.


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