Holy Ground Shelter for Homeless, Inc.

Adult Readiness

Holy Ground Shelter focuses on pregnant teens and their babies in Palm Beach County, Florida. Their mission is to shelter and mentor homeless, pregnant and/or parenting teen and your adult females. Holy Ground offers these young women and their children prenatal and postnatal healthcare, food, clothing, baby equipment, education and job training, and parenting and life skills.

Holy Ground invests between one and four years on each woman in order to provide her and her family the ability to break the poverty cycle and move towards independent living, economic sustainability, and a stable family environment. Upon entering the program, clients are matched with one or more adult female mentors, who not only guide them, but are vital in monitoring the progress of both mother and child. Assistance in health care, childcare, education or vocational training are provided, as well as parenting and independent living skills training.

Each client adheres to a signed contract in which they agree to continue their education, seek employment, and work towards self-sufficiency, as well as compliance with personal behavior, care for their child, and upkeep of their homes. Each client is expected to work at least part time. 1/3 of their income goes to payment of their rent and utilities, and they are required to save 10% of their income so that they have seed money when they graduate from the program.


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