Haitian Earthquake Relief

Disaster Relief

On January 12, 2010, a 7.0 earthquake shook the island of Hispaniola, and devastating much of the country of Haiti.  The Father’s Table donated money to the relief efforts.  The rebuilding effort is still ongoing, even though there is no longer news on the recovery efforts on the nightly news.

A group from The Father’s Table Foundation went to Haiti in early December 2014, and saw first hand the changes and needs of this country.

We visited the St. Francois de la Sales Hospital, which was 80% demolished by the earthquake. St. Francois was one of the major hospitals in Port-au-Prince, and even though the 80% buildings were demolished, the hospital staff continued to work from tents offsite while the buildings were re-built.

We were able to tour the facilities prior to their opening, while the construction was being finished on many buildings, but the Emergency Room was fully stocked and ready for the first patients. The Hospital will also be used as a teaching Hospital for the University of Notre Dame, Haiti – allowing for more new doctors to be educated in Haiti.

We also visited the Parc Seminare, a community park that became home to more than 400 families in tents after the quake. The denizens of the Parc have since been transitioned into secure permanent homes, and the park has been reclaimed as a community friendly space. Money and building material have been donated to create soccer pitches, a stage, basketball court, and restroom facilities for the Cite Soleil community.

CRS – the group we most trust with international aid work had offices in Haiti prior to the quake and was quick in their response to the quake. Initiatives since then have been