Christian HELP- Providing Jobs in Central Florida

Even though unemployment has reached below 3%, there are many people in the Central Florida area who still don’t have employment. The underemployed and unemployed in the Central Florida area, is generally made up of people from the Seminole and Orange Counties. Furthermore, these said individuals are single and married parents, entry level workers, executives, both educated and uneducated. Of these different groups, the people come from many different races and nationalities. Christian HELPs main focus is to equip the underemployed and unemployed with the knowledge to get a job.

For over 26 years, the Christian HELP agency has been giving those who can’t find a job hope. As the only Christian ministry in the Central Florida area, they are helping to fix the problem of unemployment. Firstly, care managers meet with those seeking a job on a one-on-one basis for 9 months. During this time, Christian HELP listens to their needs, identifies their abilities, interests, and their general knowledge.  Afterwards, Christian HELP creates a customized plan that will point them in the right direction to get a job. In addition to the customized plan, care managers help job seekers create a resume that is appealing to jobs.  Secondly, Christian HELP provides practice interviews for job seekers. To ensure that they will have a great interview, care managers hold confidence sessions and personal coaching to boost their chances of getting a job.

Christian HELP uses every resource at its disposal to ensure that those in need of a job are taken care of.  Christian HELP keeps records of all clients just in case the process takes longer or someone comes back looking for a job. To ensure the agency keeps on living, they look to the community for support every year, and although the community provides, positions usually run as long as there is funding.

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