AIDS & Integrated Health Assistance in Kenya

Health Care

In 2011 and 2012, The Father’s Table Foundation approved grants for St Camillus Dala Kyie Children’s Welfare Home. The foundation funded two of the six homes – Tembo and Twiga.

In Kenya, a majority of the children are affected or infected by HIV/AIDSc. In many instances children care for the ailing parent until their death, and then are either sent to live with an aging grandparent whom they will have to help support, or are left to their own means. These children are sometimes treated as outcasts due to the probability of them having contracted the disease from their parents and are subjected to abuse and isolation.

St. Camillus Dala Kiye Children’s Welfare Home offers these children a safe place to sleep and food, medical care, education, psychological care, and peer support – all aspects to ensure a long and healthy life.

Another aspect of St. Camillus is theMercy Orphan Support Group, which offers medical and nursing care, psychological support, disease prevention, and education to children living with extended family groups. The Mercy Orphan Suport Group cares for 3,500 children currently and with the help of CRS hopes to expand this to 5,000 children.

If you would like to know more about this project check out St. Camillus’ website by clicking here, or watch this video for the perspectives from former OVC project participant Erick Omondi Okoth